I have the form and works fine. On submit I have no idea where the data is going. I want it to go into a table on the same page. What am I doing wrong?

<form id="myForm" action="" method="post" target="_parent">

  <input type="date" cf_name="Date" value="" maxlength="25" size="60">

    <input type="text" cf_name="Weight" value="" maxlength="25" size="60">

    <input type="text" cf_name="comments" value="" maxlength="200" size="60">

<p>Insert Picture (optional):
    <input type="text" cf_name="pic1" value="" maxlength="200" size="60">

  <input id="submit" type="button" value="Submit" cf_name="submit">
  <input type="button" cf_name="cancel" value="Cancel" onClick="closebox()">

<table id="details"></table>

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Couple of things with this. Your action attribute is empty. That's the attribute that tells the browser where to send the posted form data. Should be a field or if you're using AJAX, I always put # in there and let the javascript do it's thing.

Not sure about the cf_name attribute in your input fields. I seem to remember that might be an implementation of Adobe ColdFusion but it's certainly not HTML compliant.

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