What I want to achieve

The editor should be able to add galleries via the native wordpress way and choose between 3 different gallery types. These 3 types should all have their custom code-output, defined by me. I'd like to go a step further and give the editor only the gallery-type to choose from.

I imagine the admin-area add-on really simple, like so: enter image description here

Could somebody please walk me through the process of implementing this. Noteform is enough! Specifically:

  1. Giving the editor only a dropdown to choose the gallery-type
  2. Custom output for the different types.


Thank you!

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I will suggest using custom fields for it. List of good ones:

Those custom fields provide you with an option to create a select field and you can display the gallery depending on a type chosen. Please let me know if you need further information.

  • Thanks! and yes, I defenitely need further information. A post will surely have more than one gallery. 1) Are the native wp galleries implemented as a custom post type internally, so that the custom field will be applied to the gallery and not the post in your idea? And 2) How can I hook into the gallery editor to show only this one dropdown menu and hide everything else? Nov 3, 2017 at 18:02

I could answer the first question myself. The hook I was looking for is post_gallery (https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/post_gallery) – Whenever a gallery shortcode is getting

To consider when using this hook: The original function generating the html for galleries gallery_shortcode() (in wp-includes/media.php) returns the new content as soon as the filter post_gallery is used somewhere, leaving you alone with quite some work to do if you want to keep the flexibility of the original function. I highly suggest reading the original function first.

As for my second question, I still need assistance– I came up with a rather unsatisfied workaround and now use the columns input in the gallery-settings panel on the right as my gallery_type – Luckily for me the 9 predefined options is exactly the count of types I need.

But for the editor it's quite inconvenient and "hacky" to choose the gallery-type like this..

It's sad, because altering this panel is the only thing left on my wish-list; my post_gallery filter is ready for a shortcode like this [gallery ids='1,4,8' type='7']

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