I have a problem with my theme's post screen metaboxes. When i add new portfolio items, there is some meta boxes which i dont need to use in my post screen. And if i leave them blank and publish the post, it leaves a blank area on the top of my page. And anything i place with visual composer stayes under of this blank area.

How can i remove these empty area caused by these meta boxes?

Thanks for your time..

Theme's meta boxes in my add portfolio post page

Blank area in my posts


Here is few steps:

  1. Right click on your area what you want to change/remove and inspect in console.
  2. Find in console HTML part what you want change/remove
  3. Look if have some ID or unique class.
  4. If you find some unique ID or class, just simple add custom CSS in your template with property display:none !important;
  5. If you not find any kind of unique ID or class, try to find some parent ID or class and find in CSS right route to your element you want remove/change and add CSS property to it.

The worst thing you can do also is to go inside PHP and find that element and remove inside template or plugin.

  • i've inspected elements and find it in on posttype.php and deleted wole line fixed my issue thanks! – Sinan Nov 3 '17 at 19:04

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