I have been searching for a solution to have my media library on another server but i haven't figured out any good solution yet. I don't know if this is possible so let me know if i'm lost here :)

Anyway, our setup right now is pretty straight forward, we have a domain and a subdomain, both on a shared hosting. Due to performance issues, we are going to transfer our site to a VPS, but to make the transfer a little easier, we would like to keep the media on the "old server" Is this possible?

In my "wp-options.php" it looks like this now:

Upload path: ../../media.domain.com/public_html/uploads/
Upload URL path: https://media.domain.com/uploads

How do i write the path if the site and the media is on two different servers? Of course we could always set up another site on the new VPS and point the subdomain to that but it would be easier if we could keep the media on the current location.

Anyone done something similar maybe that could point me in the right direction?



You should think about setting up an Amazon S3 or something like that. You can scale if things get bigger, and only pay for a smaller bucket to start out. It's pretty easy to set up.

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