I am working on a real estate theme. I am using some custom taxonomies such as Listing Purpose and Property type etc. In my add Listing form I am displaying each taxonomy in a dropdown, for which to work accordingly, I need to manually select all the taxonomy values in a post first then I can see the dropdown being filled properly. Today, for a check I deleted all the posts and came back to add Listing page and the dropdowns were empty. My question is that is there any way that I need not to first select all the values in each taxonomy?

hope i was clear enough to get a suitable answer.

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Ok, I figured out how to do it and it was quite simple and I was unable to figure out till now. Thanks to @NetConstructor.com in his reply to the post Saving Taxonomy Terms made me realize that using get_terms function (which I was already using), there is an argument 'hide_empty' helps to do the magic. How noob I am...

Thanks and hope it may help some others out there...

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