I'm currently working with a Learn Management System and students can earn certificates after they completed a course. This certificate gets generated and has an "action hook" hooked to it, so i can hook in to modify it. My problem is now with the debugging: Every time i want to test my hook i have to create a user and let them complete the course. Has anyone an idea how to trigger the action manually? This would reduce the debugging time drastically. Thank you

  • you can just do do_action("name_of_action");
    – mmm
    Oct 23, 2017 at 16:34

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Use do_action, you can just:

do_action( 'my_action');

if your action has a callback function that need arguments say:

function my_callback( $an_array ){
  //use the array for something here
add_action( 'my_action', 'my_callback' );

you can specify it in the do_action like this:

do_action( 'my_action', array( 'array_for_callback') );

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