I move my wordpress website to another server that is centos7 and apache web server and everything is ok but ajax upload in media not work. it is ok when i did not use ajax but it has problem with ajax and i think the error code is 403 Also i have a reverse proxy server that is kerio

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This looks like the access to admin-ajax.php is forbidden (error 403). For some reason, many security plugins are preventing access to admin-ajax.php, even with this file being essential for WordPress to work correctly.

  1. If you use some security plugin, check out if it is maybe blocking admin-ajax.php.
  2. Check if admin-ajax.php is blocked in .htaccess file (if you use Apache server).
  3. Check with your hosting company to examine logs and find out what is blocking admin-ajax.php access.

If your wp site is accessed via a different domain or subdomain than your ajax requests, CORS policies might be blocking the requests. Make sure that your server is configured to allow cross-origin requests from the domain where your ajax requests are original and please review the proxy server settings and logs to see if it is interfering with the requests

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