I have a site that is under reconstruction - it's going to be a multisite one site for private clients and one for business clients. Now I am pretty okay with the business site but when it comes to the private site it is still not quit what I had in mind. So I found a template that I really like and my Q is:

would it be possible to run one theme for the business site as it is now and then add a now theme for the private site?

the landing page would be www.blabla.com and then


www.blalba.com/private (here is it that I wish to install the new theme)

Will it work and what do I need to do ?

Thanks for all the help I can get!


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Yes, you can use multiple themes when using WordPress multisite. In the Network Admin you can install themes and activate them for the network. You can activate Theme A and Theme B both.

Once activated, you would visit Site A's wp-admin and choose Theme A under Appearance.

Then repeat the process for Site B. Under wp-admin > Appearance you'll find Theme B, which you can activate.

Hope this help.

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