I couldn't come up with a better question-title; Sorry! The example will clarify things quickly.

My rule:

add_rewrite_rule("^podcast/(.*)/time/([\d|\:]+)", "/podcast/$1/?time=$2", "top");

In words: Podcasts jump to the a specific time when the get-var time is given. This link needs to be more user-friendly, like http://some.blog/podcast/crazy-pod-title/time/20:10

The regex works great. When I direct this rule to "test.php?title=$1&time=$2" – everything seems to work as expected.

But redirecting to a wordpress-permalink is not working. So, how do I get /podcast/xxx/time/mm:ss directed to /podcast/xxx/?time=mm:ss?

Thank you!

BONUS-QUESTION: Looking at the .htaccess on the server I realized: wordpress can't write permalinks in .htaccess for dynamic content. How does wordpress handle the URLs? I only know the .htaccess-way

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