I am currently creating a few templates for the various Blog formats, such as; 'Aside', 'Quote' and 'Gallery'.

I see a lot of people create such Templates by naming such files as:

  • content-aside.php
  • content-quote.php
  • content-gallery.php

Has anyone experienced any problems in renaming these, using a different format? For example:

  • format-aside.php
  • format-quote.php
  • format-gallery.php

Also, would there be a problem in placing these in sub categories or is it best practice to keep these files in the top level of the Theme Directory?

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There shouldnt be any issue, dont forget to change the slug in the template part call:

get_template_part( 'format', get_post_format() );

the best practice is to have them in their own folder:

get_template_part( 'template-parts/post/format', get_post_format() );

you can see the folder structure of twentyseventeen just change content respectively.

How get_template will work:

get_template_part will do a PHP require() for the first file that finds, it will create an array the first item array will use slug and name like this:


the second item array will be:


the function will iterate the array of file names till it finds the one that exists.

so if you do a:

get_template_part( 'format', get_post_format() );

and for example the format is video the array of file names will be:

[0] "format-video.php"
[1] "format.php"

it will fallback to format.php, in the case of a Child theme the priority will be like this, with the video format as example:

[0] "format-video.php"  //in child theme
[1] "format-video.php"  //in parent theme
[2] "format.php" //in child theme
[3] "format.php" // in parent theme
  • I thought as much. I vaguely remember reading, some time ago, that 'content.php' file acted as a fall back file but couldn't find anything on Codex/WordPress Developers on the matter. Thanks for reaffirming my initial thoughts.
    – Craig
    Commented Oct 14, 2017 at 4:48
  • yeah it will, let me add info about it to the answer.
    – David Lee
    Commented Oct 14, 2017 at 17:17

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