I've got a dashboard widget that pulls from an RSS feed on my central server and allows anyone using my theme to see newly available skins.

Using the dashboard widget, I'm currently presenting a thumbnail image of the skin along with a description and a link to download. I'd like to enable the thumbnail so that when clicked, it will open the full size image in a lightbox over the wordpress dashboard.

I want to install as little extras as possible to make this possible. My theme is already including jquery-1.4.2.min.js and I'd like to build off that if possible.

Any ideas much appreciated.

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WordPress already ships with both jQuery and jQuery UI. Rather than including them manually, you can call them by using wp_enqueue_script. I'm personally a big fan of the jQuery UI Dialog setup (which also ships with WordPress) ... it should be easy enough to attach a click handler to your thumbnail such that clicking launches a jQuery dialog.

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