My code is like that

        'default'           => '',
        'capability'        => 'edit_theme_options',
        'sanitize_callback' => 'esc_attr',
$wp_customize->add_control( new WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control( $wp_customize, 'scroll_logo', array(
    'section'       => 'title_tagline',
    'label'         => __( 'Upload Scroll Logo', 'bar-restaurant' ),
    'description'   => __( 'Logo Size (120 * 60)', 'bar-restaurant' ),
    'flex_width'    => true,
    'flex_height'   => true,
    'width'         => 120,
    'height'        => 50,
    'priority'      => 19,
    'default-image' => '',
) ) );
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    what is actually the quesion? why do you need to sanitize at all? – Mark Kaplun Oct 7 '17 at 6:23

It's always a good idea to sanitize values being accepted from the user. A WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control will populate its associated setting with an attachment ID. Thus you could use absint as the sanitizing function.

Remember that esc_attr is an escaping function and should only be used when printing out a value to the page, and here particularly in an HTML attribute. Note also that esc_url_raw() is not an escaping function, despite its name, but rather is actually a sanitizing function.

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