Thanks in advance for the help.

I just activated the Astra theme and have created a child for customization. I want an image between the header and content sections. Similar to the twentyseventeen theme but with a fixed header at the top.

For whatever reason, my header image shows when I use the twentyseventeen theme, but not on any other themes.

I have FileZilla and NotePad++ installed.

My coding level is definitely beginner. I am learning HTML as I go, so I know basic style and attribute code. I am also getting to the point where I can read the code tree pretty well.


You can use the hook astra_content_before to add the image to the content before. Eg.

add_action( 'astra_content_before', 'astra_child_theme_image_before_content' );

function astra_child_theme_image_before_content() {
   // Code here

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