I'm a new webmaster, given a WP site to fix. two menu items on the front page are dead since the code does not href a url. I also am not yet a full admin since the Dashboard does not offer Appearance and Plugins submenus. Working on the admin problem. Do I need to create a directory on the server to hold the assets I will add or does WP take care of that? Im using Word Press the Missing Manual as my reference. What book or website do you recommend?

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You need access to Appearances to change the menu. Once in Appearances, click on Menus and create your new menu. Then in the Menu settings select a location (usually primary for the header menu)

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  • I do not need to create a NEW menu, my mistake in the initial question, I need to fix a menu item that is not working because the href= statement is missing in the index.php. How do I edit the index.php? Does editing the index create the directory that holds the text and picture assets? If not, how do I create the directory?
    – Zack R
    Commented Oct 6, 2017 at 21:32

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