is there a plugin to create custom post types and custom fields on the main network itself so that its available across all the sites in that network and can be accessed by all sites in that networks...for single site we use advanced custom field and simple post type is there anything for multi-site too? plz don't say Multisite Post Duplicator as it creates a copy of the post type custom fields etc for each site in the network...that way the database would become too huge with multiple copies.

  • Note that databases can handle millions of entries, the problem with large databases is not so much that they're large, but that people write themes with awful queries, asking for things that are expensive to query for, e.g. show me everything except X Y and Z, or show me all posts with a post meta equal to A B or C – Tom J Nowell Oct 2 '17 at 18:56

All websites in the multisite are independent and have own database tables, and they can have own plugins and own post types. Post types need to be registered on each site in the multisite, and posts have to be in the database tables for each site. There is no content on the network level that all sites can share directly.

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