How to change home page to another page after login for all user roles, not a specific one?

  • Do you mean redirect to another URL? Or do you mean show different things on the homepage to logged in users? – Tom J Nowell Oct 2 '17 at 12:53

You can use a plugin, like 'Redirect After Login' (https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirect-after-login/)

Or you can do it manually by adding this to your functions.php

function admin_new_page() {
  return '/new-page-url';
add_filter('login_redirect', 'admin_new_page');

There is a standard WordPress function that you can use for this

<?php // Check if user if logged in. If so, redirect to www.example.com if ( is_user_logged_in() ) { header("Location:http://www.example.com"); } ?>


By adding this to your theme functions.php file:

function login_redirect( $redirect_to, $request, $user ){
  return home_url('/');
add_filter( 'login_redirect', 'login_redirect', 10, 3 );

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