I browsed many articles to know the section Name of the "Menu" in the theme customizer. Here are the few resources that proclaim and identifies that the default section name is "nav" →

  1. https://wptheming.com/2012/06/add-options-to-theme-customizer-default-sections/
  2. http://natko.com/changing-default-wordpress-theme-customization-api-sections/

Currently, there are 5 fields that are resting in the →

title_tagline - Site Title & Tagline

but as soon as I change their section name to :

'section'  => 'nav',

The fields do not appear inside the menu section. whats the issue?

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Customizer > Menus is a panel named nav_menus.

Customizer > Menus > Menu Locations is a section inside the nav_menus panel called menu_locations.

Each menu is added a little differently, but I believe they are sections inside the nav_menus panel whose ID is nav_menu[menu_id]' where menu_id is the term_id of the menu.

Customizer > Menus > Add a Menu is a section inside the nav_menus panel called add_menu, with a priority of 999.

Browsing core code is the best way to find this stuff out. All this stuff is in /wp-includes/class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php

Both those articles pre-date Customizer menus by 3 & 2 years, respectively.


Just having a very quick look, it seems that the section is actually nav_menus and not nav.

Note that those articles are 4+ years old so cannot necessarily be relied on as current.

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