I need to disable wpautop for some shortcodes. I've read the following on how to disable it:

However these apply to wpautop in general.

I want to only disable it for specific shortcodes, because some shortcodes in my theme rely on that wpautop in order to work.

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Well, there is a script out there. The author claims that it removes the wpautop form individual specific shorcodes. You'll find it here.

Add this to your functions.php or your plugin like below-

// Here I assumed that you kept the name of the PHP script file same 
include "shortcode-wpautop-control.php";

And then call the function ike below-


You can also call it like this-

// Create first the array of shortcodes from which you wanna remove `wpautop`
$array_of_shortcodes = [ 
// Then pass the array as parameter when you're calling the function
chiedolabs_shortcode_wpautop_control( $array_of_shortcodes );

Please note that, this solution isn't tested. Test it before going to production.

  • I've tested and it has an issue with Ad Injection plugin
    – Revious
    Commented Nov 6, 2019 at 17:07

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