I'm creating a custom theme and using one of video embedding plugins from the market. There are plenty of options and among them "don't load css style", is there a way how to make it always checked when my theme is active? Author hasn't provided any define value to fix it.

it's stored in option: fve_disable_css

I have tried to update_option(); on init and as well tried a filter pre_option_fve_disable_css but no success, any ideas?

Thanks a lot

  • do you have the part of the plugin where the function is attached to an action? you have to attach your update_option to the same action but lower priority so it overrides the plugin one.
    – David Lee
    Commented Sep 24, 2017 at 17:12

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Plugin can read options on init event or just in code (during loading). All plugins are loaded before theme load. So, using init action can be too late.

Filter pre_option_fve_disable_css doesn't change value of the option. Instead, you have to use option_fve_disable_css filter. But again, it can be also too late.

You should check the handle name in wp_enqueue_script function in plugin code, which enqueues relevant css and deregister this handle in your functions.php during wp_enqueue_script event. This is the right time for such an action.

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