I'm using Wordpress Instant for my development environment. It's a portable dev environment that allows me to run a local wp install off a usb, so it's portable and I can take it from one computer to the next in a nice self contained fashion.

Previously I was using MAMP.

The initial wp install went fine, I imported my theme and plugins, and updated everything that needed updating.

I created a new database inside phpadmin, and then imported the old database into it. I set the wp-config file to have the right database name, username, and password etc. But when I try to open up the front page or wp-login of the website I get a connection refused error.

Any idea what's going on here?


Found the answer. I needed to update my siteurl and home in the database: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27966733/can-not-connect-to-wordpress-in-localhost-get-http-localhost-neterr-connec

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