I'm working on my first plugin, and I'm using something like this to add a submenu under Settings:

    'Page Title',
    'Menu Title',
    array($this, 'options_page')

The trouble is that this adds the entry on the top of the submenu, as pictured below.

wp-admin menu

How can I get it to add the entry at the end of the list instead?


When calling add_options_page make sure to call it on the admin_menu action/event, so it's called at the correct time

add_action('admin_menu', function () {
    add_options_page( .... );
} );

You may be able to gain further control by specifying the priority of the action in the add_action call

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  • Thanks! I had been calling it from init instead of admin_menu. This did the trick! – soapergem Sep 22 '17 at 17:27

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