In a plugin I am creating, I need to change the output of the [caption]. I do this with (as from the Codex and other examples here)

add_filter('img_caption_shortcode', 'caption_fix', 10, 3);

function caption_fix ($x, $att, $content) {
   $content = 'new caption' ; // change it
return $content; }

But the [caption] ... [/caption] is still in the output; instead of "new caption" is expected to be in the output.

I have verified that the caption code is enabled with this code:

if (  shortcode_exists("caption")) { die("found caption shortcode"); }

And the generated page dies as expected.

Have carefully checked my caption_fix function to ensure that is returning content (if empty return $content, normal caption shortcode function is done).

This is with WP 4.8.1 and PHP > 5.3. (Added: WP 4.8.2 does same thing.)



(gotta read the docs a bit more carefully)

I was using this code in the loop

$xcontent =get_the_content();

But get_the_content() does not apply filters ... as the documentation states (if I was paying attention). I should use the_content(), or change it to this (which is the same as the_content()) :

$xcontent =get_the_content();
$xcontent = apply_filters('the_content', $xcontent);

So the issue was that filters were not being applied, since I used get_the_content() instead of the_content() .

That problem solved. Now on to the next one, with more careful reading of the Codex docs...

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