Below is the code that I found (thanks to The_Sumo) on this link and the code works like a charm. I am trying to add an additional column to the table that displays the ordered list number of the users like:

1 John Doe [email protected]

2 Jane Doe [email protected]

One method I tried that kinda worked - i.e. I created a counter before the condition statement ($counter = 0).

Then right after the opening bracket of the foreach loop, I am incrementing the counter by 1 ($counter = $counter + 1;) and printing the value of $counter within the table.

The issue I am facing is - when I click next page, the counter value starts from 1 again instead of continuing from where it left of.

So lets say I want to display 5 items in each page, so page 1 should display 1 - 5 and on page 2 6-10 - instead page 2 shows 1-5 again. Just the numbers. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks.

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You can try:

$number = $counter + ( $current_page - 1 ) * $users_per_page; 

with your increasing $counter variable in the loop.

Here we assume $counter >= 0, $current_page >= 1 and $users_per_page >= 1.

We might combine it into:

$number = ++$counter + ( $current_page - 1 ) * $users_per_page; 

with $counter = 0 as initial condition.


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