I want to render columns with actions.

When hover on row, Edit | Delete links show.

Problem at function column_name($item).

I don't know why don't run to this function.

I tried to add wp_die() into this function but don't have anything change.

I written class extend WP_List_Table:

class Custom_Table_Example_List_Table extends WP_List_Table
    function __construct()
        global $status, $page;

            'singular' => 'dathangnhanh',
            'plural' => 'dathangnhanhs',

     * [OPTIONAL] this is example, how to render column with actions,
     * when you hover row "Edit | Delete" links showed
     * @param $item - row (key, value array)
     * @return HTML
    function column_name($item)
        // links going to /admin.php?page=[your_plugin_page][&other_params]
        // notice how we used $_REQUEST['page'], so action will be done on curren page
        // also notice how we use $this->_args['singular'] so in this example it will
        // be something like &dathangnhanh=2
        $actions = array(
            'edit' => sprintf('<a href="?page=persons_form&id=%s">%s</a>', $item['id'], __('Edit', 'cltd_example')),
            'delete' => sprintf('<a href="?page=%s&action=delete&id=%s">%s</a>', $_REQUEST['page'], $item['id'], __('Delete', 'cltd_example')),
        return sprintf('%s %s',

     * [REQUIRED] This method return columns to display in table
     * you can skip columns that you do not want to show
     * like content, or description
     * @return array
    function get_columns()
        $columns = array(
            'cb' => '<input type="checkbox" />', //Render a checkbox instead of text
            'id' => __('STT', 'cltd_example'),
            'madonhang' => __('Mã Đơn Hàng', 'cltd_example'),
            'hoten' => __('Họ Tên', 'cltd_example'),
            'sdt' => __('Số Điện Thoại', 'cltd_example'),
            'email' => __('Email', 'cltd_example'),
            'tensp' => __('Tên Sản Phẩm', 'cltd_example'),
            'diachinhan' => __('Địa Chỉ Nhận', 'cltd_example'),
            'soluong' => __('Số Lượng', 'cltd_example'),
            'thanhtien' => __('Thành Tiền', 'cltd_example'),

        return $columns;

Based on your code, you don't have a column called 'name'. Method column_name will display column content for the column 'name'. So, for instance, you have the column called 'madonhang'. Method for that column will be called 'column_madonhang'. Each column has own method with the similar name.

  • you save my life. I have too much time for this problem. – vanloc Sep 14 '17 at 11:15

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