Im currently using the Spina theme for my website and at the bottom of the page above the footer it has a section with the headings "contact us", "receent posts"(It's actually misspelled like that), "meta", and "tags". The contact us section displays info that I have never entered. Like for the email it lists youremail@gmail.com. Iv tried but I cant figure out how to edit any of this information.

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    The theme's author should be able to help you. – cjbj Sep 13 '17 at 13:59

This theme downloads 2 folders with name kyma and spina. so, go to kyma\functions\customize where you get contact-widgets.php and change contact information there.


Spina is a child theme of Kyma theme. And what you are seeing is the 'footer sidebar' with several widgets defined in the footer.php in Kyma theme. But, they are displayed only if you don't add widgets into Footer Widgets sidebar area in WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets.

If you don't want this area at all, you can edit footer.php are remove it altogether. You can copy footer.php from Kyma to Spina and edit it in Spina folder.

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