I recently started my first wordpress task and it's about creating a custom page within a website. Now I know my PHP, CSS and HTML but while I am being used to working with angular etc. this is a new step for me.

I read about themes, plugins and templates but I do like to get some additional info from you all! Here are my questions:

  • What should I use to create a page (with logic in it)? a theme, template or plugin?

  • Is there a way to build up a page dynamically in wordpress? Like for example by a tag in the URL the pages show different images with the same tag?

The page im working with already has a standard theme so my new page should take over that style.

Thanks in advance!


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First, if you want to build a custom page, the best place to look is the themes folder.

If your working on a custom made theme, you can add templates to the theme folder, and use them in your site. Otherwise, it's better to create a child theme for your customization (Childthemes).

Within that new childtheme or existing custom theme, you start to add page templates. The page template is de base of your custom page. This is where all html and php magic happens ;-).

On this page you can learn about the hierarchy of the wordpress theming system.

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