How to redirect all non-logged in users to the default wordpress login page and bypass some pages using it's slug ID?

  • You can redirect users to login page with wp_safe_redirect( wp_login_url() ); function. but I don't understand your question exactly. – Mostafa Soufi Sep 3 '17 at 9:51
  • What I wish to achieve is to block the full WP and redirect to wp-login but bypass some pages which even a non-loggedin user can view. I hope I'm more clear now. – HDR Sep 3 '17 at 10:33

Something like this should do it:

add_action('wp', 'custom_user_redirect');
function custom_user_redirect() {
    if (is_user_logged_in()) {return;}
    // array of page IDs OR slugs to allow access to
    $skippages = array(11, 23, 12); 
    foreach ($pages as $page) {
        if (is_page($page)) {return;}
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  • Is there a specific reason you're adding to wp (which is the first time I've read this hook) instead of init or template_redirect? – kero Sep 4 '17 at 7:53
  • not really I was just in a rush and didn't think about the hook too much, either of those would work too – majick Sep 5 '17 at 9:45

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