i am very beginner to WP, so excuse me

Q1: does WP be default stores user's country/IP address ?
Q2: how can i know the country/city or IP of each registered user?

it will be nice if this can be shown in /wp-admin/users.php page list, or even if its a DB query that i can run and see the results. I checked many articles and plugins, most of them gives you results for the the visitors nothing for the registered users

Your help is highly appreciated. thnx

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You can't know the country / IP / etc. of any user:

  • the admin could create any number of users, and before each of those users log in, there is no way for WP to know their IP
  • even after an user logs in, you can't be sure he/she would log in from the same IP or even city, country, etc. each time

What you could see is the last IP that an user used to log in. A good plugin for that (and lots of other useful security functions) would be WordFence. In the dashboard, you can see the last logins from your users, with username, IP and date: WordFence Dashboard Login Attempts

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