i have a wordpress network site for multi language purpose now for example i have example.com -- > the main site example.com/en --> English site

example.com/fr --> french site

i want to add in the main site example.com two buttons one for English and the another for french but i want wordpress the main site remember my choice so when i go to the main site next time i don't have to choose the language again.


You can try using a cookie. If it's the visitor's first time, set a cookie. Let the user set the cookie once he clicks on the language he wants.

You may refer to his sample Wordpress Redirect based on the prescence of a cookie

You may tweak it a bit to do something like

 if ( !isset($_COOKIE["language"])) {
        if(!isset($_GET["language"])){ // Check if user has set a language through a get function
           setcookie('language', 1, time()+1209600, "/", "http://www,yourdomain.com/".$_GET['language']."", false); // Set the chosen cookie
           wp_redirect( get_site_url().'/'.$_GET['language'] ); exit; // redirect to the chosen language
          setcookie('language', 1, time()+1209600, "/", "http://www,yourdomain.com/en", false); // If did not choose, just redirect to your default language
        wp_redirect( get_site_url().'/'.$_COOKIE['language'] ); exit; // Else, redirect to the language based on the cookie stored previously
  • thank you for helping me i'm not adeveloper may ypu told me in details how to use this and my page for example have this html code <a href="site1url">site1url</a> <a href="site2url">site2url</a> -- and can i use javascript for this ? – Fathey Mohamed Sep 1 '17 at 21:35
  • You can do something like <a href="yourdomain,com/?language="en">English Flag Here</a> – The Filipino Freelancer Sep 1 '17 at 21:50

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