I am just trying to modify Twenty Seventeen theme by and I want to hide few customize options like Header Media and Colors how can I do it ?

enter image description here

I have researched it but it seems like the given options are unable to hide these menus.

Can someone give me a hook or something to be able to hide this please.


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You can change active status of section using customize_section_active filter. It gives 2 parameters $active-bool and $section-object. Haven't tried it so you can try and see if works for you.

Located in \wp-includes\class-wp-customize-section.php, for your research.

As second option you can try altering capability for the section.

Note: I'm just giving options, and have not done any of these before. So not sure about it.

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    customize_section_active is a hook. Used to enable or disable a section. So in call back of it you can check your active theme and section id and disable which you want. Aug 31, 2017 at 8:35

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