Is it possible that when a user registers to become a blogger (either at Author or Contributor level) that they can select a blog category to start blogging in from a dropdown?

For example: User A signs up to become a premium blogger on blogging platform xyz. During the signup process he/she selects from a dropdown the post category (lets say 'photography') that will be their main category. Wordpress will remember this and the user will be placed into that selected category.

I cannot find anything anywhere on the web to help me here (Im a rookie at this so may be searching the wrong thing)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


You can add a new field in the registration form Customizing the Registration Form after that, you can add a function to the save_post action with add_action('save_post', 'set_category_by_username'); to set the category of the current user to the post.

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