We have 8 different types of products on our site. Often I will duplicate a similar product when creating a new similar product.

So instead I created 8 drafts that contain most of info I need when creating a new product within those 8 product types.

I copied the duplicate links of each of those product drafts and inserted their links into my admin bar so i can quickly add new products based on those 8 drafts.

For example of a duplicate link:


But i noticed this only works for a while and the wpnonce=fb5a61e153 at the end of the link changes with time.. Rendering the duplicate link useless.

So right now I am just inserting the copied duplicate draft links into my admin bar as quick links. But since its based on some type of session.. and the link expires.. How do i insert a link that doesn't expire?

(Sorry for the rough explanation trying to grasp what to do)

Thanks for the help!

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You should have it create a valid wpnonce on the fly.

Have a look at

Are you using a plugin to duplicate your products? If so, you may need to dig through the plugin and specify the same action when you create your wpnonce.

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