I have two established, non-WordPress sites with basic LAMP stacks: mysite1.com and mysite2.com. I'd like to set up mysite1.com/blog and mysite2.com/blog as WordPress blogs. What is the best way to set up WordPress for this?


  1. I've read WordPress can have problems being installed in a subfolder, and believe it will be much easier to host WordPress at myothersite1.com and have mysite1.com/blog/sometopic/somepost pull the page from myothersite1.com/blog/sometopic/somepost. (I am already able to do this).
  2. I've read mysite.com/blog is better for SEO than blog.mysite.com, so I'd like to use this approach.
  3. I think I want to use multi-site instead of two separate WordPress installations, and can use myothersite2.com or myothersite3.com if needed.


I want to ensure that all links and canonical page headers use mysite1.com, and not myothersite1.com.

Anyone know of any articles on this? Any considerations that I'm missing?


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Assumption 1

Wrong. I have a couple of WordPress installations in subfolders, some redirected to sub-domain, some not. If you set up the setting properly, there isn't any issue with this.

Searching for "problem + WordPress + subfolder" will lead to some questions, that turn out to be having rewrite rule problems.

Assumption 2

If you are relying on SEO factors purposed by websites such as WooRank, then you shouldn't really bother. These services offer some good recommendations, but their methods are not "Divine". Search engines are smarter than what they were a decade ago.

You're not going to lose 50% traffic just because you choose to use blog.example.com over example.com/blog.

What if your site is a blog itself? should it have another example.com/blog? No.

Assumptions 3

You can go either multisite or two individual installations. Multisite offers some features, such as shared users data, which you might find useful.

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