Can you anyone help me to get the front_end ajax returns response value as 1.i have updated the below code is now returning response value as 0

if (isset($_POST['frontliveeditor_settings']) && isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action'] == "fnrlvedt_updateoption"){
    if (wp_verify_nonce($_POST['frontendlvedt'],'frnendlv_updateoptions')){ 
        update_option('frontliveeditor_settings', $_POST['frontliveeditor_settings']);

if(! function_exists( 'fend_clear_options' )):  
    function fend_clear_options(&$fend_value) {
       $fend_value = htmlspecialchars(stripslashes( $fend_value ));

if(! function_exists( 'fend_save_settings' )):  
   function fend_save_settings ( $fend_data , $fend_rfresh = 0 ) {
       global $fend_arrayoptions;
       $fend_arrayoptions = array( 'frontliveeditor_settings' );
       foreach( $fend_arrayoptions as $fend_option ){
           if( isset( $fend_data[$fend_option] )){
               array_walk_recursive( $fend_data[$fend_option] , 'fend_clear_options');
               update_option( $fend_option ,  $fend_data[$fend_option] );

       if( $fend_rfresh == 2 ) {    wp_die('2');}
       elseif( $fend_rfresh == 1 ){ wp_die('1');}


# Save Options

add_action('wp_ajax_fnrlvedt_updateoption', 'fnrlvedt_updateoption');
add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_fnrlvedt_updateoption', 'fnrlvedt_updateoption');

if(! function_exists( 'fnrlvedt_updateoption' )):   
function fnrlvedt_updateoption() {

    check_ajax_referer('fend-theme-data', 'security');
    $fend_data = $_POST;

    $fend_rfresh = 1;

    fend_save_settings ($fend_data , $fend_rfresh );

<form id="frontlvedtr_saveoptions" class="frontlvedtr_hiddenitems" name="frontlvedtr_saveoptions" action="" method="post">  
<div class="frontlvedtr_hdltad1">   
enter your name : <input class="lt1hd1adcontnum" type="text" size="9" id="lveditlefthdad1" name="frontliveeditor_settings[lveditlefthdad1]" value="<?php echo intval(get_lveditoption('lveditlefthdad1')); ?>" />

<input type="hidden" name="action" value="fnrlvedt_updateoption"/>
<input type="hidden" name="security" value="<?php echo wp_nonce_field('fend-theme-data'); ?>" />
<input type="submit" name="frnendlv_updateoptions" value="Save" class="lvedtsubmtbtn"/>


jQuery('form#frontlvedtr_saveoptions').submit(function() {

          var data = jQuery(this).serialize();

          jQuery.post(stchk.fedajaxurl, data, function(response) {
          if(response == 1) {

          t = setTimeout('fademessage()', 3000);

          else if( response == 2 ){


          else {
              return false;

          return false;

Thanks in advance.

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You're sending a bad action for your AJAX request, the action should match with your string next to wp_ajax_:

add_action('wp_ajax_fend_theme_data_save', 'fend_theme_data_save');, so your action HTML field should be like this:

<input type="hidden" name="action" value="fend_theme_data_save" />

See the difference? Your action value should always be next to wp_ajax_ or wp_ajax_nopriv, whatever you're using. I recommend you to read AJAX in Plugins.

Also, if you're using check_ajax_referer('fend-theme-data', 'security'); function, you should send the security parameter within your jQuery data with its respective value, read more about this function; in this case will be something like this:


your-nonce-string means that you need to create a nonce named fend-theme-data (the string that you're comparing with check_ajax_referer() function) and send it using wp_localize_script() function, read more about this function, and this one to create the nonce.

And, do not use die() PHP function, use wp_die() or wp_send_json_success or wp_send_json_error WordPress default functions.

I hope my answer helps you. :)

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