I'm currently storing a string of comma separated taxonomy IDs in a text field for each user. I have managed to retrieve the string from a user which I've saved in a variable called '$user_terms'. I can split this string into an array of IDs called '$user_terms_array. I'm stuck now though as I need to get the name of the IDs. I found this:


but I'm not particularly sure how to use this/ if I can use this in my situation. I also found this:


But again I can't quite figure out how to use this. I tried the following:

$context['single_term'] = get_term( $user_terms_array[1], $taxonomy = 'terms' );

Then in my twig template if I try to output the value of single_term I get the following output in the HTML:


Object Caching 4429/6070 objects using disk Page Caching using disk: enhanced (User is logged in) Database Caching using disk (Request-wide User is logged in)

Served from: dev.url @ 2017-08-22 10:28:00 by W3 Total Cache -->'

Not quite sure where I'm going wrong.


I tried this: $context['single_term'] = get_term( $user_terms_array[1], $taxonomy = 'terms' )->name; and it get no output, it's just blank.


First, you can't enter such expression as second argument in get_term(). Enter directly the name of your taxonomy...
Are you dealing with simple post categories? If that's the case, your taxonomy name is 'category'.

$context['single_term'] = get_term( $user_terms_array[1], 'category' );

Second, ensure that $user_terms_array contains term IDs as integer.

$user_terms_array = array_map( 'intval', explode( '-', $user_terms ) );

Then, you're on the good way. Using WP_Term_Query instead of get_term() wouldn't give you any pros if I refer to the supplied info. In this context, I'd stick with get_term().

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