I just imported a bunch of posts to my WordPress site, from Tumblr, using the

Tools -> Import

menu. All my content is pulled into WordPress. Yay!

Next -- I want to drop all the posts from this Tumblr site into a new category. There doesn't appear to be a way to do this via the UI that isn't incredibly tedious (short of visually inspecting a title, selecting it in the Posts grid, doing an edit, etc).

Is there some way I can mass select just the recently imported posts? Or some way I can programmatically do this is I know the post's database ID? (since all the imported posts are the most recent items in the database, I can get their IDs pretty easily). Is there a way I can, at import time, say "put all the posts you're going to import into this category"? Is there some solution I'm not thinking of

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For changing the category from Tumblr to another one for that you need to create another caregory at

<pre> Posts -> Categories -> Add New </pre>

first and than filter categories by Tumblr

enter image description here

And than all Tumblr category's Posts disaplay and do QUICK EDIT for changing the categories.

enter image description here

  • I might be missing something, but the tumblr importer didn't create a tumblr category for me. It just imported the posts without a new category Aug 23, 2017 at 1:08

It's not a super sexy solution, but I ended up installing the Reveal IDs plugin, which let me sort by ID. Then, using Screen Options, I maxed out the number of posts to display until all the recently imported items were showing. This allowed me to make a mass edit on the posts to drop them into the new category I wanted.

Unfortunately, by default, Apache and PHP didn't like the super long POST urls that resulted. I also had to (temporarily) max out a few URL related apache config variables.

# Apache Configuration
LimitRequestLine 40000
LimitRequestFieldSize 40000

and a similar PHP ini setting


Once I made my edits I removed these variable customizations to prevent future DDOS style abuse of my system.

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