"Note that I don't recommend hooking the add_custom_rewrite_rule into the init action as it will fire too frequently. This is just an example. A better place to apply the function would be on theme activation, plugin activate, perhaps the save_post action, etc. Depending on what you need to do, you may only need to fire it once or just a few times."

I found this recommendation here. In my WP installation I use a third part plugin that is hooking into the init action to change a custom post type slug. Is this a problem?

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It really depends on your situation. Whenever you add a rewrite rule and flush the permalinks, it will stay there till the next change/flush of the permalink's settings.

If it's vital for your rules to exist, you can check if it exists on init, and then add it if it's not there. Take a look at this answer to get a glimpse of how to check if a rewrite rule exists.

If it's not really necessary for your rules to exist ( for example, you are just doing it for SEO purpose ), you can hook into another action that doesn't run each time a page loads, such as plugin activation.

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