I want to create a plugin that does some work in the background. I have a user interface in the admin backend where I have some buttons:

  • start fetching posts
  • stop fetching

When I press start fetching the plugin fetches some texts from an external API and creates a WordPress post for each text. But that are about 500.000 texts which have to be fetched. Since WordPress is based on PHP and I am not able to activate ZTS (thread-safety) for PHP on my webserver, each request for each text is made sequentially

  1. send request to API
  2. process the response
  3. create a WordPress post (and maybe category) for the text
  4. if there are texts left, goto 1.

So for about 500.000 texts this takes a lot of time. I wanted to know if you have an idea or a solution how to make the script faster or maybe how to use multi-threading, even if I don't have the ability to activate ZTS.

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You need to use WP Background Processing which fire off non-blocking asynchronous requests.

WooCommerce also use this for background processing. Check the file /includes/libraries/wp-background-process.php

  • Nice! That looks really great, I'll try that out. Thanks!
    – beeef
    Aug 20, 2017 at 14:47
  • OK, that isn't really what I was looking for. You're right, the requests are made asynchronous, but one after one. What I need is something to make parallel requests.
    – beeef
    Aug 20, 2017 at 15:51

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