Please can someone tell me how to remove all items from the 'Parent' drop down when creating a page apart from a few items? (Loop through and remove all that are the ones I want).


You can use the page_attributes_dropdown_pages_args filter to remove whatever you want. It's based off of the wp_dropdown_pages() arguments so you can use the exclude parameter to remove certain pages or a fake parent to remove all the pages:

 * Filter the arguments of Page Attributes Parent Dropdown
 * @param Array $args - List of wp_dropdown_pages() arguments
 * @param WP_Post Object $post - Current post object
 * @retun Array $args - List of wp_dropdown_pages() arguments
function admin_page_attributes_meta_filter( $args, $post ) {

    $args['exclude'] = array( 1 );      // Exclude page ID 1 from the dropdown list

     * Uncomment to exclude all pages
     * $args['child_of'] = -1;

    return $args;

add_filter( 'page_attributes_dropdown_pages_args', 'admin_page_attributes_meta_filter', 10, 2 );
  • Thats great thanks! Just a note to others, you can use the code to exclude all pages and then $args['include'] to set certain parent pages if required.
    – LB79
    Aug 21 '17 at 18:02

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