I tried to create a referral url which looks something like, example.com/?ref=123456. So when some one clicks on that URL, it needs to redirect to the signup page, like [example.com/signup][2].

Also, needs to get the refer URL id, when signing up using this link.

I used Redirection plugin, which takes 2 options,

Source URL: /?ref=(*)

Target URL: /signup

But it is not working.

Any other way to redirect to signup page and capture the referal url?

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At the top of your index page.

You could add.

if( isset( $_GET['ref'] ) && $_GET['ref'] !== '' )
    wp_safe_redirect( '/signup' )

Then, on the sign up page add:

$the_referer = isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : '';

So you can do whatever you want with that, I would add some escaping etc and you'll prob have to str_replace() to get the ID solely.


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