When passing values like 'ASC' or 'DESC' to prepare like:

$order = 'DESC';
[... (the whole query)], $order); // (as a prepare param)

it doesn't work because the resulting query from something like:

[...] group_concat(p.id ORDER BY p.post_date %s)

Will be:

[...] group_concat(p.id ORDER BY p.post_date 'DESC')

While should be:

[...] group_concat(p.id ORDER BY p.post_date DESC)

How to solve?

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You don’t need to use $wpdb->prepare() for ORDER BY clauses. $wpdb->prepare() will always quote your variables.

Supposing you receive the ordering in the request, you can prevent SQL injection by not using the user entered value at all:

$sql = "SELECT....";
if ( 'asc' == $_GET['order'] ) {
    $sql .= ' ORDER BY p.post_date ASC';
} else {
    $sql .= ' ORDER BY p.post_date DESC';
$wpdb->prepare( $sql , $value_parameter );

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