Is it possible to create a plugin directly from the admin panel?

I cannot find any such plugin to create plugins with when searching, and that really makes me curious. Are there security risks with this that simply prevent people from developing such a thing? Or is the file system inaccessible for creating files?

As far as I can see, a rather simple plugin could create the fundamental php-files in the right wp directory. And from there on it just must allow you to create more files within this directory. The built-in plugin editor in Wordpress can take it from there.

Does such a tool exist? And if not, why?

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Why would anybody create such a tool? Creating a plugin is really easy:

At its simplest, a WordPress plugin is a PHP file with a WordPress plugin header comment.

Here is the plugin header:


Just save the above text to a new PHP file, upload it to the plugins folder in WP and you're done.

Of course, you only succeeded in creating the basic plugin, now you need to put the code that actually does something.


What will happen if a website is hacked ?

If anyone can create file it will be a very high security hole.

Some Host simple disabled theme and plugin editor for various reason but the first is security.

As Mihai said, it is very simple to create a plugin file and you can find a lot of plugin to inject PHP code related to theme.

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