I creating an app right now using asp.net mvc 5. My client told me they have a main system created using wordpress. and our new app must be login/auth using that wordpress user or authentication.

this is the schema :

  1. user open our new app, and click login button
  2. system redirect to "oauth" of main system using wordpress
  3. user fill username/email and password. after that submit login
  4. main system redirect to new system with token
  5. new system verified token and login success on new system

sorry I new with wordpress, i couldnt find any plugins to do it.

How to make an other web app can login with wordpress authentication?

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Wordpress is not a platform for SSO, and do not include any API to support such a use case. You can develop a JSON end point to validate users, but the work flow you describe will probably not match it.

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