There is a content block that I wish to put on certain pages.

This content block needs to be managed in WordPress. I'm not sure where it should be situated in the admin. It's not really a custom post type, i.e. it doesn't have any sub posts. It's literally just a block that contains a heading, some text and some logos.

I have use of Advanced Custom Fields if this helps and I'm using WordPress with the JSON API.


if you're using ACF, create an options page and then add a field there. Then present that data in a side widget by echoing out the field.

once the field is created you can call it with this code:

<?php the_field('page_content', 'option'); ?>

I like to add it to a function

function rt_show_field() {
    $field = '';
    if (get_field('page_content', 'option')) {
        $field = get_field('page_content', 'option');
  return $field;
add_shortcode( 'my-field', 'rt_show_field');

Then if you add that function to your functions.php

you can simply add this short code to a widget


or add the function

echo rt_show_field();

to a template page or whereever you want.

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