I am using this plugin to create custom fields and custom post-types. I am able to create repeater custom fields in the following format.

1         Dummy Name1     Location1
2         Dummy Name2     Location2
..... and so on

This field values are repeated and can be created n number of time. What I have trouble doing is this format

Session 2015-16
1         Dummy Name1     Location1
2         Dummy Name2     Location2
Session 2016-17
11         Dummy Name11     Location11
12         Dummy Name12     Location12
Session 2018-19
21         Dummy Name21     Location21
22         Dummy Name22     Location22
..... and so on

Is it possible to create such format with the same plugin? If not how is it possible to create such layout.

Thanks, Puneet


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I don't know about that plugin but I know you could easily do that with ACF repeater fields


  • it's premium feature btw
    – vladkras
    May 3, 2019 at 8:31

I couldn't see how it could be done with that plugin, perhaps take a look at WP-Types they offer this. There is a video explainer on this page https://is.gd/nested_repeating_fields


You can definitely do that with Meta Box plugin along with its Group extension.

The extension allows you reorganize your data in a better structure. Your data will be saved in an array instead of plain text field like normal WordPress fields.

It support multi-level nested arrays (along with the data) and clone features (repeating), so you can create as many clones as you want (both for the outer groups and the inner groups).

You can see a quick screenshot about it here (which is similar to what you asked):

meta box group

You can see more info about it on its own page.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of the plugins and if you have any question, I'm happy to answer.

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