In my wp_usermeta table I have a field called "wp_s2member_custom_fields"

In it is stored this value:


I am trying to use:

update_user_meta( $team_member_id, wp_s2member_custom_fields, $meta_value)

To update "donations_collected" from 10 to 11.

What should I put in $meta_value?

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Thats just PHP serialized array notation. You would get that same result by this code:

$meta_value = array(
    'alumni' => 'Yes',
    'donations_collected' => '10'

update_user_meta( $team_member_id, 'wp_s2member_custom_fields', $meta_value);

So if you want to then change the donations_collected value to 11:

$meta_value = get_user_meta( $team_member_id, 'wp_s2member_custom_fields', true );    
update_user_meta( $team_member_id, 'wp_s2member_custom_fields', $meta_value);

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