301 redirection is happening and redirected URL is losing the parameters while passing query strings via URL.

When I try to pass the query string “type=Brochure” as shown in below URL https://www.edgeverve.com/resources/?type=Brochure

It is getting redirected to https://www.edgeverve.com/resources/ and query the string is lost.

But it is working fine if I change the subdomain from www (both www and test URLs are available for testing, try replacing www with test)

I am unable to figure out why this redirection is happening in the case of www.

Note: We could not fix the issue even after following steps below: – All URLs in DB are proper. – We tried the same setup in localhost (with host file entry mapping to edgeverve.com) – We tried updating WordPress to 4.8 – Also, we tried to handle it via .htaccess

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The issue got resolved by disabling Yoast SEO plugin. What would be the reason for Yoast SEO plugin to cause this issue?

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