1. On navigation, can a parent-grandchild menu appear? That is, are we able to pick and choose which categories we would like to suppress?

Example: if taxonomy shows: Food>Fruit>Citrus>Oranges>Types of oranges Can we design the navigation to show: Fruit>Oranges>Types of oranges

  1. How many subcategories are possible?

  2. On navigation, can we rename categories on the front-end but keep a different taxonomy on the back end?

Example: if taxonomy is: Food>Fruit>Citrus>Oranges>Types of oranges Can we actually have the users see these words instead (but they should experience navigation per the taxonomy?) Yummy things>Fruitilicious>Citrus

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  • that would be CSS only, you could add a filter to hide the ones you dont want but its the same, you will hand pick them
  • all the ones you will want
  • you can change the Name and keep the slug but the slug will be seen in the URL

Other Options:

  • You can actually either search for a plugin or create one to have a second value (lets call it front-end-name) for the categories or create a new entire new type of category system like a new .

  • you could use the Description field to have a second value for the name and actually pull that as the name in the front-end, you will need a filter still.


As what I have researched from google is, they prefer you to keep it simple and easy for your target audience to navigate your site.

Make it as easy as even a 7 year old child can navigate your site.

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