Let's say i have a post with post id "1" and post with post id "2".

And i have a custom taxonomy named "my_taxonomy".

The post with post id "1" has: "term1","term2","term3" selected for the "my_taxonomy" terms.

And the post with post id "2" has: "term3","term4","term5" selected for the "my_taxonomy" terms.

I want to programmatically copy the terms from first post to second so the post with post id "2" will have: "term1","term2","term3" selected for the "my_taxonomy" terms now.

How can i do that the most "short coded way" ?

A note: both posts are a custom post type posts.

I tried:

wp_set_object_terms( '2', wp_get_object_terms( '1', 'my_taxonomy' ), 'my_taxonomy');

Doesn't seem to work.

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This will work:



I added this: ,array("fields"=>"ids") to the attempt i wrote in the question to make the wp_get_object_terms return array of ids alone (what the wp_set_object_terms want to get.

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