Wp pro quiz has no option to let other user roles to add and edit quizzes and questions other than admin.

In the lib/helper/WpProQuiz_Helper_Upgrade.php I saw this code,

 private static function install()
    $role = get_role('administrator');


    //ACHIEVEMENTS Version 2.x.x
        $version = ACHIEVEMENTS_VERSION;
        if ($version{0} == '2') {
  private static function updateV19()
    $role = get_role('administrator');


So, I decided to replace 'administrator' with 'author' to let the author roles to use this plugin.

But it didn't work. Do i need to do anything further.


A much more efficient way that doesn't require editing the source code:

install and activate wpfront User role editor,

go to all roles,

edit the author role,

scroll down to the 'other capabilities' section,

check the following capabilities: wpProQuiz_show, wpProQuiz_add_quiz, wpProQuiz_edit_quiz Save.

The authors on your site should now be able to add and edit quizes.

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